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I am Kyle… hear me roar


With an emphasis on passion, energy, and emotion I’ve been learning the art of performing music for almost 20 years.

With most of my background in leading congregational worship I’ve had opportunity to work with a plethora of musicians and singers from every skill level and almost every style of music.

I write original music as well as cover other songs and my own versions of hymns. I really enjoy collaborating as well!

Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Ukulele, Mandolin, Banjo

Southern Rock/Folk/Blues/Indie/Gospel


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Upcoming events


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My Music

by Jesse Kyle Schroeder

Hey ya’ll! This is a place where I can post all of my personal music from professional recordings like Love is Comin’ to my own little Garage Band projects! Thanks for stopping by!



I teach guitar, ukulele, mandolin, and I can get you started on banjo. I’m used to teaching people starting from 0% music experience, but have had students who are self-motivated and started learning on their own first.

My favorite way of teaching is to show you how to play basic chords and rhythms to start with, and then learn a simple version of one of your favorite songs. From there, the process grows as you grow.

The more you learn about music and begin to understand your instrument, the more I can then teach you about music and how it works. Each lesson is customized for the student and their level of musical ability.

I charge $40/lesson.

Let’s get you on the schedule!

  • Call or text: 979-561-6793

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My office @ Redemption

565 N Cleveland Avenue Loveland, CO, 80537